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"Happy work, healthy life"-Yongan Pharmaceutical celebrates the birth of 122 emp

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In June, the hot the sun parched the earth. Heat with damp, let the noisy cicadas also bear, unseen to the deep shadows. White light is everywhere, it seems that the universe have succumbed to the power of it, in addition to...

To carry forward the spirit of yongan, realizes the company of the "happy work, healthy life" basic concept, increase staff belonging to the collective sense of honor, better reflect the care of company to employees, rich spiritual and cultural life, to further promote the construction of enterprise culture. On June 21, we hold "happy work, healthy life" as the theme of the birthday party, spend birthday is June, July, one hundred and twenty-two worker brothers birthday celebration.

Red pulp, green skin, just out of the water a big watermelon, with wet water droplets, appearing green faint chill, along the table being particularly admire the human eye... Chill air conditioning, cut off from the thick bamboo shade in the hot weather, full of beautiful things in eyes of melon seeds peanuts, boxes cover big cake understood, sweet greasy appetizing aroma diffuses to come, let a person cannot help swallow saliva... The cheerful smile and funny jokes, games, will this activity to a climax.

It is reported, we will continue to carry out similar activities, and constantly create a comfortable and happy working environment and good atmosphere of the healthy, active, bring more feeling of "home" for employees.