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Taurine is an essential amino acid for infant growth and development

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At present, people have realized that development than babies fed milk breastfed babies, the study found that because of lack of taurine in milk. Taurine to infant brain development, nerve conduction and the improvement of visual function, calcium absorption has good effect, is a kind of growth and development of babies vital nutrients. Unlike adults, infants and young children in cysteine and sulfonic acid decarboxylase is not yet mature, the body can not own synthetic taurine, must be added exogenous to meet the needs of the normal growth and development. And milk on the content of taurine in the minimal, and in breast milk content is 25 times in the milk. Milk feeding babies with lack of taurine are visible to a baby's growth and development, especially the developmental impact, so advocate breastfeeding for improving children's growth and intellectual development play an important role. In a foreign country, you must add a certain amount of taurine in infant formula milk powder, China also has a variety of taurine formula. Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid, is very important for human health. Studies have found that if infants and young children lack of taurine, occur retinal dysfunction and growth and mental retardation. Breast milk are the main source of taurine in infants, and foods such as milk, dairy products and eggs, almost does not contain taurine. So completely by artificial feeding the baby, may be the cause of the lack of taurine. Taurine can promote the synthesis and secretion of bile, for the damage to the liver cells have promote recovery effect, and can improve the liver function. Taurine can enhance myocardial contraction force, and thus to the output of the heart blood, alleviate myocardial ischemia injury. In addition, the role of taurine and against arrhythmia. Taurine in fish is rich in content. The survey found that eating fish more few areas of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and is considered the effect of taurine. At present, taurine has been as strong heart health food, protect liver, enhance memory, popular in international market.