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Welcome to the official website of "Qianjiang Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.", your visit is support for us, we sincerely welcome your presence! Qianjiang Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., with the mission of "working for human health", strives to build the company into a world-leading human health promoter. . You can contact us in the following ways.

Company office phone:0728-6202737 fax:0728-6202797 Human Resources Phone:0728-6204002
address:No. 2, Guangze Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Qianjiang City, Hubei Province   Postal code:433132
Marketing Department Address:No.386 Gaoxin 2nd Road, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan
International Trade Department Telephone:027-87825966 8782361187739078   True:027-87339689
Ministry of Domestic Trade:027-878221860728-6201636  True:027-87339689

汪灿:027-87822186   李星星:0728-6201636