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Company Profile

Qianjiang Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is located in the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Qianjiang City in the hinterland of the Jianghan Plain, covering an area of more than 500 acres. It is a national high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. The company's shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 5, 2010 (stock code 002365). The company has strong technical development capabilities and is an innovative enterprise in Hubei Province and a demonstration enterprise for intellectual property construction in Hubei Province. The company's R&D platform has been recognized as a provincial enterprise technology center and a functional food additive engineering technology research center in Hubei Province. After years of development, the company has formed the overall pattern of production and sales of food and pharmaceutical additives taurine, and the extension of production and sales of ethylene oxide and water reducer related products and health products.

The company's original production process of taurine "ethylene oxide" was awarded the "Torch Plan" certificate issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The company has a complete quality control system, has passed GMP, ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC and FAMI-QS system certification, and obtained the KOSHER certificate issued by the US OU and the HALAL certificate issued by the International Islamic Organization. 80% of the company's taurine products are exported all over the world, and it is an important supplier of world-class companies such as Red Bull, Nestle and Coca-Cola.

In 2017, the newly completed 30,000 tons of taurine food additive project, which is highly compatible with the development strategy of "Made in China 2025", deeply integrates the latest technological achievements, and is realized in the whole process of taurine synthesis, crystal purification, packaging, storage and transportation Split automation, overall intelligence, the first to achieve deep self-perception of information, intelligent optimization and self-decision, precise control and self-execution, improve production efficiency and product quality. At present, the company's taurine production capacity has reached 58,000 tons per year, and the production and manufacturing have been comprehensively upgraded.

The company has an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of ethylene oxide production equipment, using the alcohol method of the US SD company, supplemented by the ethylene method of production, effectively avoid the risk of single raw material price fluctuations.

In the first half of 2019, Hubei Ling'an Technology Co., Ltd., the company's holding subsidiary, completed the construction of the "112,000 tons/year low-carbon epoxy-derived fine chemical new material" project and successfully put it into production, forming a good relationship with ethylene oxide production. Synergy.

The wholly-owned subsidiary Yongan Kangjian Pharmaceutical (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. has established a perfect "YATEK®" product research and development system, which involves many key technical links such as functional factor screening, formulating, transportation, and evaluation. The patented modular preparation technology maximizes the development efficiency of functional dietary nutrition. Through continuous in-depth strengthening of business cooperation with Canada's first health care brand-bodybuilding, actively grafting international resources, achieving complementary advantages, and gradually forming a large pattern of "Chinese capital + overseas brands" integrated development.

The company regards environmental protection as a priority element of development, invests in environmental protection, improves flue gas treatment, cleansing and diversion, and is equipped with various environmental monitoring facilities, and has achieved remarkable results. Various pollutants have been steadily discharged. Strive to build a garden-style factory, the greening rate of the plant area reaches more than 30%. Focus on improving the production and living conditions of employees, equipped with commuter cars, providing free working meals, building employee apartments, organizing birthday celebrations and various cultural and sports activities, arranging employee travel and annual medical examinations, providing traditional holiday benefits and competitive salary treatment. Enterprise party organizations and group organizations actively work together to build a harmonious enterprise.

The company has been rated as "Hubei Province Industrial Advanced Enterprise", "The Top Ten Pharmaceutical Industry Enterprises of the Province", "Hubei Province Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise", "Advanced Technology Work Unit", "Top Ten" "Integrity Enterprise", etc., won the "Charity Enterprise", "Model Worker Home", "Red Flag Unit" and other honorary titles.

The company will continue to be committed to technological improvement and innovation, with the help of capital market engine power, further improve the company's industrial chain, with the mission of "working for human health", and strive to build the company into a world-leading human health promoter.