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In July, our company organized a five-day tour of all employees in Xi'an

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To enrich employees amateur life, alleviate the pressure of the employees, the company, on July 1 solstice on July 24, organization and the staff in four group of traveling to the ancient city of xi 'an in one thousand.
When coach slowly into the xi 'an ancient city wall, for five days of the ancient capital of xi 'an trip started. First we went to the wild goose pagoda park, wild goose pagoda is located within the temple was old and plain. In front of the tower is Asia's largest music fountain, music fountain show fashion, aka, wild goose pagoda and ancient plain mutual set off, let us to appreciate the history of the ancient city in one thousand and now. Around the tower, water fountain, cultural square, garden landscapes are a linger, we took out the camera, keep this beautiful moment.
Then we went to the Chinese and foreign tourists wouldn't miss hui street, street with bluestone paving, tree-lined, hui people on both sides of the street shops, or food, or artifacts, both have powerful, pleasant halal characteristic, especially beef and mutton bread in the soup, meat clip buns, roast beef and mutton, and all fragrance 4 excessive, let a person lick one's chaps.

The second day early morning, a bunch of sunshine, wake up the people, we mood with immense respect to revolutionary sites - yanan. Here is the whereabouts of the red army long march victory and established the anti-japanese national united front, the starting point of victory in the Anti-Japanese War. In yan 'an revolutionary memorial hall, the elegantly yellowing of manuscripts and pictures, and shabby old articles for daily use, as if is the enrichment of history, leading us into that war s, glory days. In the afternoon, we visited the jujube, yangjieling, where we saw the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries once lived caves, MAO zedong's former residence in the desk of the wide and humble, zhou enlai lives in a wire tied to the bed, zhu DE, the obscurity in the former residence of spin, these all shaking everyone's mind, let us to yanan spirit has given essential feature and time spirit has a more comprehensive and profound understanding.

The next morning, we came to the boundary between shaanxi and shanxi hukou waterfall. "Cover river whirlpool, like a pot of", so its name hukou waterfall. Here you can zero distance ornamental to the side, the Yellow River, can also be zero distance access to water. Standing on the edge of the Yellow River, watched the river like a bunch of 'wild, scrambled into the narrow deep groove, then roared down the 50 meters deep, the majestic momentum, the sounds of thunder, make people excited. Because of the impact and splashing water play in the body, hair, let a person feel comfortable. We with wanting more excited, to get the world horticultural exposition, the park is a festival of plants and flowers, large garden, diffuse in the land of flowers, gardening bewildering rate of wonderful artical excelling nature, linger.

Trip on the fourth day, we went to the for China is the oldest garden, huaqing pool, the imperial garden in 3000 and 6000 hot spring use history and enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad, especially with the legendary love story of the tang dynasty and Yang and shocked by the Chinese and foreign the Sian incident and human concern. Park, picturesque scenery and pleasant, the water blue waves, weeping willows, relaxed and happy making a person. After that, we visited the famous qin shihuang terracotta warriors museum, deeply by more than seven thousand terracotta warriors majestic underground army composed of shock, sighed with emotion at the time the national strength and prosperity of qin, and sighed with emotion the intelligence of the working people in ancient times.

As ten dynasties the ancient capital of xian objects, hill, a pool pavilion, like a puppet, show the Chinese splendid culture of five thousand years. Xi 'an rich cultural background, meditate on the cultural relics, the Chinese civilization and long, antique yun tang and the perfect combination of modern breath are etched in our memory.

We have learned, in order to let all employees share the achievements of the development of the company, let everybody can relax after the work, also let everybody have a each division, subsidiary, functional departments in a relaxed environment interaction fully, further improve the staff's team spirit, promote the company "big wing" of the enterprise culture construction, the company the total funds invested nearly 800000, organizing the employees tourism activities. The event also encourage employees to family members to participate in, to give thanks to families of employees for the company development of silent support, let employees to travel, enjoy family happiness.

In return journey, we have said, the company's care for everybody's cohesive force is stronger, some families to have a job-hopping ideas of staff said: "you peace of mind to work in a wing, I still need to follow the wing brothers and sisters to travel next year!" Receiving the leadership of the conductor said: "rest assured, as long as the good job in the company, the company organization tourism, every year benefit well, probably would travel abroad!" The leader that everyone laugh.