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Qunying gathers words for production, and everyone is dedicated to ensuring safe

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To ensure sustained and healthy development of our company, our company and improve the standardization of the management level, strengthen the company staff safety consciousness, strengthen employee safety skills, and to prevent and eliminate safety hidden trouble on thought, June 27, 2013, our company has launched "2013 security speech contest" activities.

This security speech organization jointly by their department and human resources department, take the way of voluntary registration, by lot order decision, take turns to power a lecture, from different angles expounds his understanding of the work safety in production. Lv Xinwu, deputy general manager zhang rose, chief technology officer TongZhiGang, thick, taurine department minister follow their minister PiAiMin, quality and technology vice minister xiao-hua zhao, deputy minister of human resources, to wear at Jane as jury judges.

9 a.m., speech contest was held in the multimedia function room, from each workshop, a total of 12 elite took part in the race. Speech on the stage, each game players made elaborate preparation, give full play to their strength. Or passionate, or a coolness and a calmness; Or in an orderly way, or drawing; In the end, the chi ping cheung from functional departments, Zhang Hongqiong and Ding Yuanpeng respectively one, two, three, from Xu Xiang taurine group, gan ning, Tian Yepeng won the first prize.

This activity aims to inspire the employee safety awareness, and promote our company safe production progress, from "want me to safety" to "I want security" shift, solid foundation for our long-term safety production work