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Yongan Pharmaceutical held the 2013 Annual Safety Work Summary and Advanced Comm

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At 2 PM on January 22, 2014, wing on pharmaceutical 2013 annual safety work summary and advanced commendation congress held in multimedia room on the ground floor. Wu Yuxi, general manager, chairman of the board of supervisors Wu Guosen, deputy general manager zhang orbs, Lv Xinwu, TongZhiGang, Fang Xiquan and part of the employee representative to attend the meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by deputy general manager zhang orbs.

Meeting the first Lv Xinwu by deputy general manager of 2013 to everybody in the security environmental protection work has made the summary, and the work plan of 2014. In the report, he has made a report summary for last year's safety accident, and hope everybody can wake-up call, in time of peace prepare for war, in a more strong sense of responsibility and a more stringent measures, efforts to do ehs work more solid.

Next, on the 2013 annual production safety notification commendation advanced team and advanced individual. Among them, the safety in production advanced team by taurine group synthesis workshop li-hua huang class, taurine group boiler workshop jia-liang zhang class, taurine group, ethylene oxide and sodium workshop Peng Yijun class group class win Chen yun E0 workshop. And safety in production advanced individual is awarded to the operation department of Bai Yibing baked package workshop, plant Wang Xuguo, fine Shao Jun 20 outstanding employees, etc. The above winning teams and individuals respectively the company top leadership awards and honorary certificate and a bonus, for their achievements gave full affirmation and a high degree of evaluation.

Wu Yuxi meeting in the third, general manager on behalf of the company staff sent to you as a holiday blessing, also to fight the staff sincerely thank each position. Wu always mentioned the nationwide in 2013 all kinds of accidents and to supervise and urge all staff to pay special attention to the ehs work unremittingly, to constantly strengthen security environmental protection consciousness of all staff, strengthening training drills, will implement the rules and regulations, quantitative safety production standard, let the staff this string tight security.

In the end, the company deputy general manager and general manager Wu Yuxi signed the "2014 safety environmental target responsibility". Duty agreement signed in 2014 just to be safe environmental protection, take the first step in the future work, we must not take lightly, more do not produce a spark of slack, in a more strict requirements, more serious, more rigorous organization, pays special attention to the ehs work tougher measures, efforts to achieve security environmental protection the situation continues to improve.